Will my maternity leave be stopped if I work as a journeyman?

Will my maternity leave be stopped if I work as a journeyman?

I work for a pharmaceutical company, but I am currently in my first year of motherhood. For now, I am a non-professional knitter and have researched how I can register as a crafter. But before that, I want to clarify the following: If I register as a journeyman and do not develop an activity during the time I am on maternity leave, will this be grounds for stopping the maternity benefits I receive as a working person or will it have no effect?
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It's no problem to register as a journeyman. When you start your real activity and insurance accordingly, your temporary incapacity benefit due to pregnancy and childbirth (the first 135 days) will be suspended. If you carry out an activity other than that for which you are on maternity leave, in the period after the 135th day until the child reaches the age of 2, and if you are not insured for general illness and maternity, there will be no reason for the National Insurance Institute to stop you the compensation.
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