Accounting services

At our accounting company, we will comply with the area of activity and the individual specific features of your company, regardless of its size and structure. Considering the requirements of the Accountancy Act and the Financial Reporting Standards (NFRSSME and IFRS), our accounting company can do the following for you, and namely:

  • Organisation of the company accounting form and elaboration of the company policy;
  • Preparation and update of an own chart of accounts;
  • Setting up individual detailed accounts;
  • Current processing of primary accounting documents, income documents, receipts, bank documents, etc.;
  • Preparation and keeping accounting registers;
  • Accounting for fixed tangible and intangible assets;
  • Elaboration of an accounting and tax depreciation schedule and accounting of fixed asset depreciation;
  • Accounting for company stock;
  • Calculation of item and service cost;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly logs and statement-declarations under the VAT Act and VIES;
  • Submission of information related to the Intrastat system;
  • Accounting for and analysis of accounts with contractors, suppliers and clients;
  • Making up statements, reports for the servicing banks, the National Statistics Institute and any other institutions;
  • Current regular reports and analyses in relation to the accounts with suppliers and clients, warehouses and cash flows, income, expense and other indicators, for your needs as a company manager.