Submitting an annual return after the established deadline

Submitting an annual return after the established deadline

I submitted my GDD under Art. 92 of the ZKPO on 04.07.2023 - a few days after the established deadline. I received an email from the NRA confirming the result of the processing, and at the bottom it said: "The Declaration submitted by you under Art. 92 of the ZKPO (1010) was submitted after the statutory deadline. It was accepted because no previous declaration was submitted for the same period." Does this mean that even though I filed the GDD after the deadline, I will still have a fine?
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The message you received was automatically generated. In principle, submitting the declaration after the statutory deadline is a violation for which you are subject to a fine. In practice, however, it may not be imposed on you - if the violation is not detected by the NRA employees, or if the violation is detected, but the relevant employee considers that the Company has no other violations, the budget is not damaged, and the violation is generally unimportant.
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