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Financial analysis

Financial analysis

If required (a report to the shareholders and owners, application at credit institutions, requirements of international organisations, etc.), at  our accounting company we can make a detailed professional financial analysis of the company condition and development, based on the financial reports of the previous 2 or 3 years. The report would contain all development indexes and present the tendencies in the company activity in the period:

  • Profitability indicators
    • Profitability of income
    • Profitability of equity
    • Profitability of liabilities
    • Capitalisation of assets
  • Efficiency indicators
    • Efficiency of income
    • Efficiency of expenses
  • Liquidity indicators
    • Fixed capital
    • Working capital
    • Total liquidity
    • Fast liquidity
    • Immediate liquidity
    • Absolute liquidity
  • Financial autonomy indicators
    • Coefficient of financial autonomy
    • Coefficient of indebtedness
  • Indicators of inventory returnability
    • Duration of a turn
    • Number of turns
    • Work load of inventories
  • Indicators for the relations with the basic contractors
    • Period of receivable collection from clients
    • Period of payable payment off to suppliers
  • Indicators of dynamics and of structure
    • Indicators of assets and liabilities
    • Indicators of income and expenses
    • Indicators of cash flows

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