Selling cosmetics in a beauty salon

Selling cosmetics in a beauty salon

Can a self-employed manicurist paying a patent sell cosmetics in their salon, either in-store or by catalog?
Is another registration required?
Thanks in advance!

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On a patent, you can register only certain activities related to services - including doing a manicure. If you will carry out parallel trade in goods (in your case cosmetic products), then these incomes will have to be reported separately as an individual and accordingly you will owe 15% tax on the realized profit from these sales.
There is also an option in which you can register a company in your name, through which you can report both activities together. Which option will be more profitable for you is difficult to say, since it depends both on the amount of the patent tax (this tax is different for different municipalities) and on the income that you will realize from the services and from the sale of cosmetics.
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