Can I not fill out travel lists?

Can I not fill out travel lists?

I am the manager of a transport company that has the right to rent cars. We offer a complete car rental service, including fuel. At the end of each month, the customer receives an invoice for the monthly rent and the rent for the mileage of the car, which is reported with a protocol attached to the invoice. All cars are equipped with a GPS system and from there the mileage and the filled fuel are taken. When the customer has rented a car for which he receives an invoice for a service, not pre-invoiced fuel, does he have to fill out a travel sheet to prove his expense or is the protocol from the GPS to his invoice sufficient.
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If this protocol contains the necessary information, which should be filled in one waybill - route, mileage, driving time and stay, then there is no need to write separate waybills.
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