Contract work under a foreign name

Contract work under a foreign name


I am 57 years old. I receive an occupational pension from the NHS in England. I am currently unemployed.
My husband has a civil contract with a cleaning company in England, he works as a remote operator in an English-speaking call center from Bulgaria. His duties include: phone calls, email correspondence, posting ads in business groups on social networks and on the company's website, chat.
We have divided these duties among ourselves. He answers emails and on the phone, I post ads on the networks, on the site and handle the chat.
It turns out that my name appears in networks and chat, and the contract is in my husband's name. Will this be a problem when filing an annual tax return? Does the contract need to be in my name?
Thanks in advance!

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In theory, if you were found to be working without getting paid, this would have negative consequences for you. Although your husband receives the reward for both of you, that you help him and this relationship of yours is shaped accordingly.
In practice, the chance that the NRA will check your husband and in the course of this check decide to check chats and whose name appears in them and even if they find this irregularity decide to take action (in the end the budget is not damaged, so as even if the entire income is declared by one person, not by two persons - once this income is declared, then the taxes and insurances on this income are paid) close to zero.
If you want everything to be 100% OK and there is an opportunity, make sure that you also have a contract with the English company in question. If there is no such possibility - we do not think it will be fatal.
We hope we have been helpful!

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