Return from maternity leave with a fixed-term contract

Return from maternity leave with a fixed-term contract


I have two questions:
1. I am currently on maternity leave, the first year, under a fixed-term employment contract until the return of the incumbent, who has been reassigned to another position, and in my place there is another who replaces me. The director told me that when I return after maternity, there may not be a place for me and I will have to apply to leave. What are my rights? Can they terminate my contract without my resignation? Do I have any protection against dismissal and what should I do?
2. While I am on maternity leave under the employment contract, can I exercise my free profession as a beautician/manicurist by registering as a freelancer and what are the expenses I will have? Will this affect my maternity?
Thanks in advance!

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By law, your employer cannot fire you before your child turns 3 years old. There are also exceptions, but they are related to disciplinary dismissal, the closure of the enterprise itself or when it comes to a fixed-term employment contract (such as your case). However, this does not mean that they can force you to submit a request to leave. If the person you are replacing returns to work, then your employer can release you at the end of your contract.
Regarding freelancing - you can exercise one, but the activity you perform as a freelancing profession must be different from your work activity that you perform in the company where you are employed. The important thing here is not to insure yourself for general sickness and maternity so that you can continue to receive maternity benefit. For this activity, you will owe insurance on the amount of your income, deducted by 25% of legally recognized expenses. Insurance is 27.8%. You will also owe 10% tax on the amount of your income, less 25% statutory expenses and social security contributions.
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