Provision of partners in Ltd

Provision of partners in Ltd

If there are two partners in an OOD who work on employment contracts in other companies, is it mandatory for both of them to be additionally insured or is it sufficient for only one of them - the one who is the manager of the OOD - to be additionally insured?
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The answer to your question depends on what is written in your partnership agreement. If both partners are managers of the company, they must both be insured. In all cases there must be at least one acting manager who must be provided. Regardless of the fact that they work in other places on employment contracts. The obligation to provide insurance is waived only in the event that the employment contract provides you up to or above the maximum insurance threshold, which for 2024. is 3750 BGN. Thus, if the manager is one and he is not insured for at least BGN 3,750 in his employment contract, he must also be insured in the OOD for at least BGN 933, and in the event that BGN 3,750 is transferred with them, then up to 3750 BGN. In the event that both partners are registered as managers, these conditions apply to both.
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