Massage therapist in a beauty center

Massage therapist in a beauty center

I want to work as a massage therapist in a beauty center where I will rent a massage cabin (premises). The salon has all permits and has been operating as such for years. My question is, what are the steps to work legally and meet all the requirements. Is it mandatory to register a company and a cash register, or is it enough to register as a specialist exercising a free profession and pay patent tax to the relevant municipality? 
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Both the options you mentioned are working in your case. When working through a company, you will owe 10% tax on the realized profit (income from the activity, deducted by expenses related to your activity) and insurances, calculated on the basis of the minimum insurance income (about BGN 270.00 per month). When working on a patent, you will owe patent tax, which is determined by the respective municipality in which you will operate and register (different municipalities have different amounts of patent tax). In addition, you will owe insurance contributions on the amount of your income. The cash register is mandatory when working through a company. In order to be able to take advantage of the relief of not using a cash register as an individual, you will also need to register in the Bulstat register as a self-employed person. 
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