Company registration during maternity leave

Company registration during maternity leave

I am currently on maternity leave to raise a child up to 2 years old. I want to start making plaster figures (handwork). The question is, should I start a company since I will be doing sales? Will this affect the receipt of maternity leave, given that I am employed by another company. Sales proceeds will go through a courier company. Do I have to have a cash register? Do I have to notify the employer about my new activity? Can I make my sales without registering a company and if so, should I declare the funds received and when?
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It is not a problem to register a company in your name and to self-insure through this company for the time you are active, but the "General illness and maternity" fund must not necessarily be included in the insurances. In this way, you will be able to continue receiving the allowance for raising a child up to 2 years old. You do not need to notify your employer, unless you are insured with him for an amount exceeding BGN 2,817.00 (on a monthly basis). About the cash register - if you will be accepting payments in cash or if, working with a courier company, you do not have a postal money order contract, then you will need to have a cash register. If you are not going to accept cash payments or contract a postal money order with a courier company, then you will not need a cash register.
Regarding your last question - in principle, you can also declare your sales as an individual by submitting an annual tax return. Since you are not a registered trader, the law will treat you as a Sole Trader and accordingly you will be taxed as such - 27.8% insurance contributions on realized profit + 15% tax on realized profit.
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