What happens to unused leave when leaving a job?

What happens to unused leave when leaving a job?

I have the following case study: I was appointed to work on 01.11.2022 and will work until 03.11.2023 at my current employer. According to the contract, I have the right to 20 days of annual leave, and I have used 14. According to my calculations, I have 9 days left (out of a total of 23 days, and these 3 days are considered x 1.6 for the worked 2 months from 2022 + 20 from 2023). If my accounts are correct, what happens to those 9 remaining days, are they paid to me or is any part of them transferred to a future employer?
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When you leave your job, your employer must pay you unused paid leave on the date of leaving. This leave cannot be transferred to another employer.
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