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Own business – hairdressing salon

Own business – hairdressing salon

Own business – hairdressing salon

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I am addressing you with the request to clarify some things about starting your own business.
The case is as follows:
I want to open a beauty parlor. Since I want to avoid self-determination, I decided I could use my mother's company. I do not know if and how to make a contract between us because I want to have insurance and make it as if I work for her. If possible, let me know what options I have. I also do not know which institutions I need to look for to start my business. What taxes will need to be paid? And if you know just tell me the whole process of starting your own business.
Have a nice day!



We do not know what you are motivating to avoid self-insurance, but it is the most preferred and comparatively "cheapest" form of insurance.

However, if you do not wish to self-insure yourself or as a self-employed person, the option is your mother's company to hire you on a labor contract and to exercise the activity, and you will receive a salary.

Your mother company needs to register the employment contract with the NRA. If the room you use is not owned by your mother's company, you need to have a rental agreement for the premises that is concluded on behalf of your mother's company. Also, if your mother's company is not in place at the time of the start of your activity, your mother must file a statement about starting work and starting her self-employment. This is because the manager of the company that is carrying out the activity must be provided as a self-insured person or under a management contract (in the second option the insurance is significantly higher).

There are no other permits or licensing requirements for exercising this type of activity.

If you are registered as a self-employed or your mother's company is an ET or you register an ET, then the activity you are pursuing falls on the list of patent activities and you will pay tax under the Personal Income Act in the form of a patent tax depends on the municipality in which you will perform the activity).

If your mother company is EOOD (or OOD) or you yourself make a EOOD, you will pay a 10% tax on the profits made during the year (all revenues minus all costs).

For more detailed information, I recommend that you visit one of our offices in Bourgas, Rousse, Plovdiv or Sofia, where you will receive detailed free consultation on all your questions.

Best regards.


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