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Maternity, insurances and benefits

Maternity, insurances and benefits

Maternity, insurances and benefits

Maternity, insurances and benefits  accounting services, benefits, maternity, company registration, insurances, plovdiv, ruse, accountant, burgas


Question 1:

I'm leaving for motherhood after 7 months. During the last 9 months I was provided by the Bureau of Labor, and before that I have a 10 years work experience in one company. I am currently unemployed and my question is whether I have to pay any social security contributions for the upcoming 7 months to get maternity benefits. On what basis the benefits themselves are calculated


Answer 1:


To qualify for cash benefits in pregnancy and childbirth, the following conditions must be met:

to the beginning of the leave, persons are insured for general illness and maternity;
have at least 12 months of insurance experience as insured for general illness and maternity. Twelve-month insurance may be interrupted or uninterrupted and may not necessarily be applied immediately prior to leaving for a pregnancy and childbirth leave or with the same employer.
to be granted the appropriate leave.

The second condition is that you do it - you have 12 months of insurance

To fulfill the first condition, you must be hired somewhere on a contract. The other option is to be a self-insured person. To be able to make social contributions yourself for all social risks, you must either have your own company or be a registered farmer or be registered as a self-employed person. It is important to use any of these forms at the time of receiving your first Pregnancy and Childbirth (issued 45 days before the term), you must make the contributions.

If you do not meet the conditions, you will receive only social assistance (after applying in the specified order) in the amount of BGN 100 per month from birth to the age of 1 year of the child. Also 150 leva before birth (for the hospital from 45 days before birth).

The daily cash compensation for pregnancy and childbirth is set at 90 per cent of the average daily gross salary or the average daily insured income on which contributions have been paid or payable, and for the self-insured persons - paid social security contributions for general sickness and maternity for the period 24 calendar months preceding the month of commencement of leave due to pregnancy and childbirth.

We hope we have been useful.

Best regards.


Question 2:

Thank you so much for the answer. As much as I have learned about the months I have been unemployed in the case since 01.07. 2017 - for example, 01.2018 allowances are calculated on the basis of the MDI. Can you confirm if this is true?

Once again, thank you very much.


Answer 2:

Yes, it is true. If there is a period in which you have been "on the stock exchange" for the past 24 months, you are considered as a contributory income.

Best regards.

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