Hair-dressing salon. TELK

Hair-dressing salon. TELK

2018-11-29 11:07:24
Hair-dressing salon. TELK

A hair-dressing salon. Insurance with TELK



Hello, I have a solution from TEMP. Hairdressing salon is what I plan to do. My question is if I pull out a bullet and buy a cash register, how should I get it. I've heard the notion of a free profession, but I'm not very aware of it. Is it possible for my insurance to be 4 hours? I understand that I have to pay a patent, but I'm not clear about the insurance. Do I have some relief, given the name of a TEMC decision. Thanks in advance 

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First of all, I will answer the issue of the registration of the bulsat and the start of the activity as a hairdressing salon, and then I will also pay the TEMP decision. In order to register as Bulstat as a natural person, you must have a document certifying your qualification to practice the given liberal profession.

After registration and commencement of the activity you will have to submit a declaration for starting a business and for insurance at NRA. As a self-employed person, you can only be self-insured. As self-insured persons you are provided every month in advance on the minimum insurable income (for the moment it is on the amount of 510 BGN).

It is not possible for self-employed persons to get 4 or more hours in labor contracts, as you are not provided on a time-based basis in this case. Every month, besides payment of the due contributions, a monthly statement of the monthly insurance contributions is filed. At the end of the year with the filing of the annual tax return, the amount of your final insured income is determined and in case of exceeding the average monthly advance insurance income, one-time contributions for the past year are added.

Regarding the TEMC decision, it is important to see if your decision determines a pension or you have a decision from a TEMP with a right to work. In case you are entitled to work and you are not retired, you have to pay social security contributions as a self-employed person in the standard order. In case you have a decision from TEMP and receive a pension, you will have to pay only health insurance.

As a self-employed person, you may choose to pay a patent tax or form an annual taxable income and pay a 10% tax on it.

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