Company registration. Music company

Company registration. Music company

2018-11-26 11:12:44
Company registration. Music company

Company registration. Music company



Hello I want to register a company. A music company is the business I want to create, thinking about producing and releasing discs. As far as I am aware, as only I will be the owner and have no partners, I have to register for EOOD and as a manager of the company I will have to provide two minimum wages. Since the company will initially issue one or two discs per year, is my question a choice to avoid paying social security contributions throughout the year.
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You have rightly pointed out that once you are the sole owner of the capital, you must proceed to the registration of EOOD. If you have a record in the management contract (to be signed as a manager with the company) that you will do your work without remuneration, then you will have to personally make, during the year, prepayments as a self-insured person calculated on the basis of the approved country minimum insurable income (2018 = 510 BGN).

When starting the activity of the company, you are obliged to submit a declaration of commencement of the insurance. If the company temporarily suspends its activity, you file a new declaration of interruption of the insurance as a self-insured person and then you will not owe insurance. (you pay insurance only for the time the company operates).

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