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Registration of LTD ( EOOD ). Questions

Registration of LTD ( EOOD ). Questions

Registration of LTD ( EOOD ). Questions  company registration, accounting services, registration of eood, accountant, accounting house, sofia, ruse, plovdiv, burgas



Hello, I want to register for EOOD and I have a few questions:
1. Can I be both owner and manager of the newly registered company?
2. Is it obligatory to ensure? I am currently working and my company will be a side-job.
3. Can I register for a company and for the time being not doing business because I can not spend enough time for my work and things will continue?
4.If you have to ensure that the problem is already working in one place?




1. Once you have registered with a company, you can own the capital at EOOD or a partner in OOD and be at the same time a manager.

2. If you are only a partner without being a manager and you do not participate in any way in the company's activities, then you are not necessarily insured. But if you are a manager, it will necessarily have to be ensured (as a manager with a salary or as self-insured person.) If, however, you have a maximum insured income of 2600 BGN under the employment contract, then you will not be insured in their new company.

3. Yes, you can sign up for a business, but if it does not work, you will not be required to file a business start and insurance statement (your company is "frozen").

4. As stated above, if a labor contract of less than BGN 2600 is secured, it must be secured in its new company under the conditions of item 2.

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