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Registration of a company in Bulgaria and work in Greece. Branch of firm and A1

Registration of a company in Bulgaria and  work in Greece. Branch of firm and A1

Registration of a company in Bulgaria and

work in Greece. Branch of firm and A1   

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Hello, I would like to ask you, I have registered a company in Bulgaria. I worked with this company on the territory of Greece for one year with the Bulgarian workers I provided in Bulgaria. I would like to continue working there. My question is, in my case, do I have to do a reggration of the company on the territory of Greece and if necessary, as told by a Greek accountant where will I continue to pay my taxes. Or would you explain to me how I will not violate their legislation, but to stay and work only for Bulgaria. I would be very grateful if you would guide me and if necessary I will pay for the information. The company is involved in the construction of roads and wind generators.




If you have a contract with a Greek investor who pays you for the job you are doing, it is enough to have a valid assignment contract on the basis of which you can post your people to work in Greece. In this case, you need to take out a specific A1 document from the NRA in Bulgaria for each posted worker in Greece indicating that Bulgarian tax and social security legislation applies to your workers working in Greece. There are several conditions to be able to produce such an A1 document, of which the most important are that at least 25% of all your earnings should be realized in Bulgaria and at least 25% of your production personnel should work in Bulgaria posting no more than 75% of EU manufacturing personnel)

If you start a private business through your company in Greece, you will have to register your company branch in Greece (or make a new company registration in Greece) which branch will be subject to Greek tax and social security legislation. Our experience as an accounting house shows that in recent times quite a few companies have been exporting branches in Bulgaria through new branches and companies. Which one of your options is most profitable, of course, remains at your discretion.

As for this consultation, both consultations on the site and the first office consultation for companies that are not our customers is free, so you do not owe anything in this case.

We will be happy if we were useful.


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