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Own business – hairdressing salon

Own business – hairdressing salon      Question: Hello, I am addressing you with the request to clarify some things about starting your own business. The case is as follows: I want to open a beauty parlor. Since I want to avoid ...

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Maternity, insurances and benefits

Maternity, insurances and benefits     Question 1: Hello I'm leaving for motherhood after 7 months. During the last 9 months I was provided by the Bureau of Labor, and before that I have a 10 years work experience in one ...

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Invoice from an EU Member State. VAT

Invoice from an EU Member State. VAT     Question: Hello ! I have an invoice from an Irish company on an annual domain subscription, have my VAT number, charge 20 $ VAT. The invoice is in dollars. Should I issue a ...

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Advance corporate tax. Features

Advance corporate tax. Features   Question: Hello, I have the following question about advance corporate tax. Net sales revenue in the previous year 2016 is BGN 10000, ie. do not exceed BGN 300,000, and we did not make any ...

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