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Manager of LTD. Contract of management and employment contract

Manager of LTD. Contract of management and employment contract

Manager of LTD. Contract

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With my associates, we are about to proceed to the registration of a company (OOD), which will deal with architectural design.
My question is, is it possible for the person designated as manager of the newly registered company to work with another employer on a half-time basis at the same time as his / her duties in OOD?
And what about the health insurance of this person?




You are fully responsible for choosing a manager to make decisions and to sign on behalf of the company at the very moment of the company registration. However, the manager of the company (OOD) is provided under a management contract that differs from the employment contract on several things. The main thing in this case is that he has no working time in OOD and there is no conflict with the simultaneous work on a labor contract, even if the same is on an 8-hour working day.

For the remuneration received under a management contract, non-health insurance contributions are payable on the minimum insurable income. In the case of your chosen "architectural design" activity, the threshold will be 970 BGN. This is the insurance threshold, even if the agreed remuneration for the manager is less than the minimum insurable income. It is special that the sum of the insurance benefits on different grounds can not exceed the amount of 2600 BGN. For example, if under the labor contract the person is insured at BGN 1900, under the management contract the social security income can not exceed 700 BGN, even the remuneration which he receives as manager is 1500 levs.

We hope to clarify the main points by providing the manager on different grounds in a newly registered company.


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